Why Cultural Appropriation is Offensive and Potentially Harmful

There are written and unwritten laws and guidelines in all cultures that spell out what is culturally accepted or culturally appropriate. It’s almost impossible to live today without borrowing from other cultures, but how this borrowing takes place is very pertinent. People consider the misuse, misrepresentation, and unlawful use of their culture offensive because it can be detrimental and disrespectful to their values, traditions and beliefs and a threat or insult to their honour and dignity.


Traditional titles and their awards are usually marked by special rites which are usually accompanied by traditional dances and fanfare. In Nso land, it’s one of the moments that show the valour and superintendence of the palace over its subjects. HRH, the paramount Fon of Nso, Sehm Mbinglo I, recently recognized and bestowed on Witty…