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I’ve observed that the fundamental problem has barely been touched by anyone in the Achraf Hakimi divorce case. We barely have enough credible information to make most of the judgments I’ve seen online, so I’ll focus on something I have enough information on.

Even though the outcome of a marriage mostly comes down to personal responsibility, there’s also this ghostly penumbra cast by the legal system that we so frequently fail to acknowledge, especially for Western marriages. In the last few decades, the institution of marriage has been transformed from a sacred institution that provided stability and meaning, to a financial tug of war which mostly has men at the losing end. The Ebue, Cisse’ and recently Hakimi cases aren’t isolated

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Wading Through Social Media Culture

I have always believed that one of the drawbacks of post postmodernism is that we have too many opinions from self-proclaimed experts and, unfortunately, each opinion is meant to and believed to count. Many unfiltered emotions and thoughts end up finding their way on public platforms where censorship is difficult to implement. Judgments have been…

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Edible Oils and Fats from a Health Perspective

By King The Diet Master   Oils have been used since ancient times and in many cultures. The consumption of oils and fats has increased dramatically in the past century.  In culinary, they’re used in shortening (using fats in baking), enriching, texturing, flavoring etc. Edible oils are mostly of plant origin which can be obtained…

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